We use informatic technology

for reach your

business's objectives

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Ad Hoc

Our objective:

satisfy the customer

Our method:

work together to develop the best solution

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Ad Hoc Sistemi, leading company in the ICT field, develops customized IT solutions depending on the needs of its customers, that belong to different sectors (Banking, Large retailing, Pharmaceutical, Logistic).

Ad Hoc Sistemi was founded in 1999 by a pool of experts that, during time, expanded their skills and proved their ability to deal with complex and organized enterprises of different levels and dimensions, always keeping in mind one single target: customer’s satisfaction.


We offer to ours clients and partners service of informatic consultancy.

In particular we can deliver ours services in three ways:

      • Pure consulting for the development of software directly at the customer site
      • Development, in collaboration with client, of vertical market application and software to the integration of multiple products
      • Development in autonomy of software on behalf of the customer based on technical specifications received from the same

But we let to speak are the projects that we have developed...