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  • Developing PDAs applications

    Developing PDAs applications

    Vertical market software to collect orders, returns management and the organization of deliveries on behalf of Gabbiano SpA,…

  • Business intelligence reports

    Business intelligence reports

    Producing of a collection of reports for the company Banco Popolare, banking group made up of many local…

  • Software integration

    Software integration

    Development in C # and XML languages an integration between electronic notebook and registration of laboratory chemicals. Go

  • Software integration

    Software integration

    Software integration for the management of an invitation to tender of medicines in the French seat of Bio-Rad…

  • Work-flow development

    Work-flow development

    Creation of a cicle work-flow for the coordination of the flows to approve invoices, work requests and requests…

  • Business intelligence reports

    Business intelligence reports

    Business intelligence reports for the monitoring of the various business divisions, specifically the marketing and sales areas, on…

  • Data collection system

    Data collection system

    A Utility Software for collecting data in clinical and medical environment for subsequent analysis and statistical, crossing the…

  • Creating ADD-in for Excell

    Creating ADD-in for Excell

    Develompend of an add-in for Excell on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and…

  • Work shifts management

    Work shifts management

    Application for work shifts scheduling in different departments of stores of Supermercati Tosano, in accordance with the contract…

  • Business intelligence reports

    Business intelligence reports

    New Business intelligence functions for optimize the manage of the parkings and analyze historical data relative to penalities…

  • New Features

    New Features

    Consultancy, on behalf of Fratelli Carli S.p.A., to internal resources for the introduction of Datacom-Ideal platform and development…

  • Customizations development

    Customizations development

    Customizing an existing software package to automate company activities, relationships with the customer and the supplier and to…

  • Digital notebook

    Digital notebook

    New digital notebook for laboratory, instrument that will replace the paper version, for GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company engaged…

  • Management fines and solicits

    Management fines and solicits

    Application for the verify of the irregularities in the parkings managed, printing of the minutes of the penalty…