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BIF2_04B.I.F. (Business Intelligence Finance) is a web application developed by Ad Hoc Sistemi, used for the management of programming activities and for business control for small and medium companies.

The application allows to establish company budgets of short and medium term and to compare them with the accounting data in the final balance, in order to support decision-makers in the choice of business strategies

Thanks to B.I.F., the customer can verify the correct performance of the company at any time, simply by importing management software data. This way, it is possible to foresee adjustments of accounting data.

B.I.F. also guarantees the possibility to define budgets by extracting cost items and revenues directly from the management system used by the customer, configuring them according to management needs, to adjust accounting data depending on the analysed period, to select the data in order to display them in reports and to redefine annual budget (forecast) according to performances of already accounted months.

Technologies Used

The systems were developed in the reference environments of the following applications: C# /.NET / WPF on SQL Server database.

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