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G.Ap. is an application designed and created by Ad Hoc Sistemi for the tenders and the offerts management both in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

The software, thanks to the presence of an important workflow, allows you to select the proposal that is most relevant to the type of tender: public, restricted, spontaneous offer by supplier...

The system manages all the information necessary for the preparation of offers (customer data, product data, object of the offer, price lists), through integration with other information systems from which takes the data.

The application is also able to calculate/recalculate independently the prices to be included in the deals, Despite they can also be modified independently from the user, and consult the online historical trends, filtering for the customer or for tender.

The application is able to monitor critical situations, sending notifications in view of a time limit or oreporting conflicts between prices quoted within the same tender or to the same customer.


Technologies Used

The systems were developed in the areas of reference of the various applications VB6/C#/.net and rely on Oracle database.

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