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Time Planner


Time Planner is a client application developed by Ad Hoc Sistemi for small and medium companies that allows an optimal management of work shifts of employees.

The system allows the creation of future planning, the consultation of the past ones and, if necessary, the duplication for reuse. The structure is based on all the weekly activities planned for a specific department.

This programming process, which is done by simple drag & drop, allows:

  1. The creation or modification of work shifts depending on jobs;
  2. The replacement of employees (in case of days off, sickness... ).

The working plans are monitored in real time in order to control the compliance of rules (days off, hours per week, daily pauses), and the violation of one or more rules is immediately indicated to the user in order to eliminate it.

When the plan is closed by a user, because it is considered as definitive:

  1. The SMS interface sends a personal weekly plan to all involved resources;
  2. The data are sent to the central system for further processing and for cross-checking between the established working plans and the shifts revealed.

Within the system there are Alert functions that inform the HR department of delays in the completion of plans and functions that generate PDF files for later printing or posting.

Technologies Used

The systems were developed in the reference environments of the following applications: .NET / WPF on SQL Server database, NHibernate, iText.

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