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Management of fines and related solicits

Ad Hoc Sistemi developed for Apcoa Parking, leading company in parking services in Italy and Europe, a vertical project that optimally manages the system used for the release of fines and all related solicits.


Apcoa Parking Italia needed to develop an efficient monitoring system that allows to notice in real time the data of vehicles that make a violation in one of the 80 parkings in Italy. The program should manage fines releases and check their collection.


The project, proposed and developed by Ad Hoc Sistemi, is composed of a central system (accessible via Intranet and available in parkings and in the headquarter) and a client application, installed on palmtops distributed to operators that check the vehicles.The program also allows to verify irregularities, to print fines memos and send the information to the central system in order to manage the collection.


The central system was developed in Java / JSF / Ajax / Hibernate on Oracle database.
The application on the palmtop was developed in Compact .NET Framework.
The communication between the client application on the palmtop and the central system occurs through Web Service or PC / ActiveSync.