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Management of large retailers

Ad Hoc Sistemi customized the existing software in order to allow Gabbiano S.p.a, a company that produces and distributes products for the house, personal care and health, to efficiently manage large retailers. 


Gabbiano S.p.A. needed to develop a system that allows the company to interact with customers and suppliers, to mechanize procedures that were done manually, to have a good flexibility, to specialize and to provide outputs for the analysis and control of sales, budgets and costs.


Ad Hoc Sistemi analysed the case in detail, then decided to use an existing software, developing some adjustments on its sources that allow to satisfy customer’s needs. In particular, Ad Hoc Sistemi developed vertical solutions for the communication between salespeople with palmtops, for the automation of data entry processes, for the mechanization of shipments with algorithms and for the optimization of picking. Ad Hoc Sistemi also created some interfaces for data sharing (orders and storage) with Gabbiano S.p.A. commercial partners, realized departmental projects for the solution of documents and process problems in Windows environment through the use of a RAD (BizSharp) system, designed a new system for the analysis by using QLIKVIEW, implemented a DataWareHouse software based on ORACLE data, on REDBRICK with specialized ETL and on front-end Business Objects and completely reorganized the internal web in order to guarantee access and data security.

The adjustments developed by Ad Hoc Sistemi achieved a great success. In fact, the developer of the original software drew on this experience in order to develop a specific division called “Consumer’s Good”.


The systems were developed in the reference environments of the following applications: COBOL, VisualBasic, .NET, PHP on ORACLE database, SQL server, RedBrick Qlikview