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Data collection system

Ad Hoc Sistemi developed for Fondazione Smith Kline, benchmark for health workers, a data collection software in order to support autism research.


Foundation Smith Kline needed to collect data about patient autism level, DNA and other biological specimen in order to study the correlation between biological information, genetic data and phenotypic observations to better understand the disease and its causes and to identify effective treatments.


Ad Hoc Sistemi analysed customer’s needs and then proposed and developed a software that allows to do examinations and draft related medical records, in order to understand the patient autism level, outline DNA or other biological specimen, monitor all the exams and do analysis and statistic researches, matching the data collected during examinations, with the aim of finding some correlations.
The system, thanks to its simple configurability, can be used even for medical records management in hospitals, hospices, laboratories... and for online researches (market testing, studies on customer’s satisfaction...)


The software was developed in Java / JSF / Ajax on Oracle database