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Support for Datacom-Ideal platform

Fratelli Carli Spa, a company specialized in sales by correspondence with about a million customers in its portfolio, its qualified and significant knowledge of Datacom-Ideal platform in order to support the resources in the use of this new program..


Fratelli Carli S.p.a. needed to help its resources to serenely face the transformation project and to find solutions for the big amount of programs that had to be converted.


Ad Hoc Sistemi trained its resources in order to teach them how to use this new program, by setting an easily manageable method of development and application standard. It also managed the development of the part dedicated to customers and orders and expanded, in a second moment, the system used for abroad sales (Germany, France, Great Britain, Swiss).


The systems were developed in the reference environments of the following applications: COBOL, IDEAL on DATACOM database, VSAM