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Creating ADD-in for Excel

Ad Hoc Sistemi has developed a toolbar in Excel on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company engaged in the research and in the development of prescription medicine, innovative vaccines and other products of self-medication.


The customer needed to group together in a single instrument the use of multiple applications for standardize, sort and create chemical structures,by accessing, through web services, to heterogeneous information that reside in different databases of properties and maintaining consistency with legacy data.
The instrument had to provide a graphical representation of the chemical structure, giving the user the ability to import and export these formulas easily and intuitively.


Using Microsoft .NET 2007 for creating Add-in for Microsoft Excel, it was developed a new toolbar "Helium Ribbon" that manages the compound appear in Excel sheet and loaded by calling a web service from various customer database.
Througt pressing of simple buttons in the toolbar you can:

    • highlight the compounds which have the same chemical formula;
    • delete duplicates;
  • insert new compound and validate the chemical structure.

Have been implemented specific features according to the type of the same compound, can be activated by a special task panel that will auto configure based on selection by the user.

Click here for the presentation of the project


The application was developed using Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft .NET 2007, JChem for Excel Add-in, ORACLE database, SQL Server database.