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Management of work shifts

Ad Hoc Sistemi developed an application in order to manage the work shifts of the employees of the 9 superstores of Gruppo Tosano Cerea S.r.l., one of the biggest representatives of food specialization in Verona, Vicenza and Mantova.


Gruppo Tosano needed to manage, every week, the work shifts in each division, respecting contractual rules and reducing planning times of HR department through a compulsory application installed in every store.


Ad Hoc Sistemi proposed and developed an application whose structure is based on work plans of individual seats and that allows to introduce or change shifts, to replace employees, to create future plans, to consult past ones and duplicate them, following the rules established by the company (rest, hours per week, daily pauses).

Once completed, the plan is sent to every employee involved via SMS and to the central system for further processing.

Ad Hoc systems also inserted reporting features that allow to create PDF for later printing or posting and Alert functions, which inform the HR department about delays in completing the plan.


The systems were developed in the reference environments of the following applications: .NET / WPF on SQL Server database, NHibernate, iText.