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Software integration

Ad Hoc Sistemi works for several years with Bio-Rad Laboratories, pharmaceutical company with various worldwide branch offices, for the development and updating of software for managing tenders of pharmaceuticals and biomedical products.


The French branch of the group to which Bio-Rad Laboratories belongs decided to use, for the management of tenders of medicines, the software used in the Italian headquarters. Such software needed to be integrated in the environment of the French subsidiary.


Ad Hoc Sistemi has teamed up with French team to integrate the application used in Italy in the French environment.
In particular:

  • Made an adjustment of the software to the French legislation relating to tenders;
  • Has developed an integration with the software BAAN to the masterdata and for generating prices;
  • Has developed an integration with the software Active Directory to the authentication;
  • Has developed an integration with other custom tools used in the French venue to the acquisition of the costs.


Systems have been developed in VB6 applications reference/developer environments on Oracle databases.