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Development of business intelligence functionality

Ad Hoc Sistemi developed a set of vertical solutions for business process optimization for Gabbiano Spa, company that produces and distributes products for house, personal care and health, to efficiently manage large retailers.


Realize the reporting for the Executive Board in order to monitor the various division.


Ad Hoc Sistemi has created many features, oriented to the control of many business activities (orders, shipments, sales).
Particularly, for commercial division, the most significant features include:
- analysis of the product depending on several factors (distribution channels, brand, business...);
- monitoring of the agent/merchandiser visits for all customers Gabbiano on the territory.
- progress of orders by type of screen (Exhibitor present in the shop) at each shop in purpose to control the rotation of products and verify the performance of the sales force.

Recently Ad Hoc Sistemi has created other features for the Spanish company controlled by the customer with the aim of documenting in an analytical way the turnover of the company. In this case the data are updated on a daily frequency by creating an access channel between the two companies through VPN.


The systems were developed using Oracle, Sql Server and for the Business Intelligence part, QlikView.